Things are not so bad.

Well the whole pregnant thing...a bit hard to get used to. Deathly ill one minute, starving and eating EVERYTHING in sight the next.

We had an uneventful holiday - spent time with family, held back bouts of car-sickness (which, happens even when I am NOT in the car...day or night), exchanged gifts, and had a generally good time. Our tree is now in the trash and all signs of Christmas packed away until next year. It makes the house look clean and a little bit larger. I like that.

I have become boring. Can you tell? I don't do much but hang around the house and try not to throw up, or look for new things to put peanut butter on. That is most of my day. I lie awake most of the night trying to sleep, and finally nod off around 5 am, only to have to climb out of bed shortly after. Will this go on forever???