I am a Psycho Pregnant Woman

Friday was a fantastic day. Absolutely Fantastic.

My husband, his mother and I all went to my sonogram and Dr. appointment (yep, she got to hear Dr. ReadsFromABook) The big news: two babies, two heartbeats – still. I was so worried that we wouldn’t still have two. Why? Because I am a psycho pregnant woman. That excuse seems to be working for quite a bit lately – thank God. We also talked about my surgery next week – and then to top off the day, I had to have an internal exam with my mother in law in the room – a little uncomfortable, but it could have been worse. I was so happy she came to the sonogram, that it didn’t feel right asking her to leave during that part…I simply said she could stay, but she might want to move to another chair (since she was sitting at the foot of the table). It stinks being a girl sometimes.

So both babies are growing at the same schedule – which made me happy. They are a few days ahead of schedule, over-achievers already. Go babies! They checked for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18 indications during the scan and said that everything looked very good – with little reason to believe we are going to be faced with genetic abnormalities. We are just waiting for blood tests to come back with more assurance – due in sometime this week. That will give us enough confidence to bypass the triple screen and amniocentesis. What a relief.

We have now purchased car seats, a playpen, a baby bathtub, blankets, towels, some clothing, some pampers – all kinds of fun things for babies. I wanted to wait until we were sure that everything was going to work out okay before spending money, so I am still saving receipts and being a bit cautious (we won’t order the crib or dresser until around month 5 or 6) just in case something bad happens. But – it felt good to go out and buy car seats. It felt good to think about bringing the babies home in them. It just feels good to know that everything is okay and we are having babies.

Next milestone: Cerclage – Wednesday. EEEK.