Gettin' Any?

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to have the job I do when on some days I seem to put so little into it. Have you had those days where nothing is motivating? Have you experienced the Net-Pull – where all you want to do is surf and read and avoid all work-related nonsense? How do you battle that?

Surgery went well with only a few issues as far as I could tell. I didn’t have much bleeding, but it was pretty painful for about a day…crampy and yucky in general. When I came out of surgery I had a little battle with my blood pressure – was so low it was freaking me, my husband, and the nurses out – it was somewhere around 70-something over 30-something for a VERY LONG TIME. But, my doctor didn’t seem to care, and the put-you-to-sleep-guy didn’t care…so it remained very low. I put up with the lethargy and headache, and eventually headed home. The narcotics were good and fun was had by all.

After surgery my doctor had the balls to say that everything went well, and that I looked fantastic…and then he proceeded to tell me to take it easy, no sexual relations for the remainder of the pregnancy and I should just sail on through… he smiled and said (like an ass) – “just 22 more weeks” like it is nothing. Do I need to point out that that is more than FIVE FREAKING MONTHS? You go without sex for 5 months… lets see how happy you are then. In fact - go without sex since you got pregnant (OK we cheated once) until 8 weeks after you deliver. Assuming you go to term for twins that is 45 weeks total, or in ENGLISH – around 11 months. 11 months people! Yeah – I wanted to scratch his eyes out and flush them down the very nice and clean hospital bathroom toilet (wish those folks would clean my house)!

So no real news here – pregnant, not getting’ any anytime soon, and a little bitter about it.