The Numbers Game

I have had my second round of blood tests for the pregnancy. They call this Beta 2. Here is where I stand now:

8dp5dt (13dpo) - 127 HCG, 40 Progesterone
12dp5dt (17dpo) - 801 HCG, Progesterone not tested
Doubling time = 36.13 hours

My RE's office wanted to see an HCG of at least 504, so I am way on course. I am to return on 12/21 for a sonogram. They feel that there is a good chance that I am carrying twins still based on the numbers and doubling time..

I have an appointment with my regular OBGYN next Wednesday...maybe he will do a sonogram and I can find out earlier! I am not one for liking to wait.

Oh - and the good news...I don't have to do the horrible Progesterone shots anymore. But instead now get to use suppositories twice a day...ewww. I think that I may have liked the shots better.

Next up: who knows, I think about NOTHING but this pregnancy.