Not-A-Newsflash: I am an Idiot

I realize EVERYBODY and their great aunt is on the 30 Day Shred train. I have been on it for a while now - having done it 30 days almost straight through and now going for another lap. I decided to do another 30 days, mixing in some running (3 days a week) for cardio. I thought the running would help get my breathing back in shape. See, I have been having a HARD time with breathing lately. Which really annoys me. Breathing is something we are supposed to be able to do WITHOUT PRACTICING. My body has been so busy failing me over the past few years, that this should not surprise me - and yet it does! Lately after every workout, be it weights, running, or The Shred, I am wheezing like a 75 year old smoker for at least an hour. My lungs are not in tip-top shape apparently. I had not noticed it much earlier this year, but that might be because I was not really, ahem, working out. I am not about to stop exercising because of this newish development, but I am curious what it means. Not curious enough to, you know - see a doctor...but curious still.