Anybody in the market for a house?

It is midnight. I have been working since 7am. This is not all that surprising given the week I have had - work is overwhelming to say the very least. We DID pass a huge milestone today though, so hopefully the workload will lighten up a bit. Either that, or I will get even grumpier. NOBODY wants that, I assure you.

Our house went on the market the other day. I am not sure what day now, because they all run together and I don't even know what day it is today. However, they are showing it tomorrow to someone, which is good. Our realtors do not believe in the Open House approach, as they feel that people don't buy that way, and the sellers are putting themselves and their belongings at risk by opening up the house to so many unknown people. I was not thrilled about that whole concept anyway, so it doesn't bother me that we are not having an open house. It is one less thing to worry about.

There is a bit of travel in our future...a trip to Austin this weekend to look at houses, a trip to Michigan the week of the 18th to take Cassie to school, and a trip or two to Los Angeles for work in the next few weeks. Fun times, fun times.

The boys are great, except that they keep getting up at the freaking crack of o-dark-thirty and expect us to like it. Which I don't. But they are cute...so they get a "pass" - I am nice like that.

Not really much else is happening in these parts. Nobody is pregnant, in jail, missing, or anything noteworthy. We are simply trying to get through each day and sell our damn house already.