Work-Related Nonsense

I am not really sure what to even say. Work is insane. Our company was eaten up by another company and now we are officially one giant company – and well, although there is some amount of stress in that, it doesn’t really affect me yet. It might not for some time. But it is still out there…looming. Rumor has it that MANY people will be affected by this merger as soon as the middle of next month, and then again in November. The numbers the rumor references are staggering, so it is pretty ridiculous of me to think my job is safe.

And also – my job is killing me. We are busy working on a sales deal which somehow landed me in charge of reviewing contracts. I am NOT a lawyer and I don’t work in supply chain, yet here I am reading hundreds of contracts, trying to understand them. KILL ME PLEASE. No, really. Nobody should know this much about force majeure or termination clauses or rate structures. NOBODY. Me especially.

The next few weeks have me traveling a bit for work, which has its ups and downs. I only have to take care of me, which is awesome. And yet – my family won’t be around, which is sad. I will have time to run – but will likely lay around in a hotel room THINKING about it more than actually doing it. I will get to eat out at fantastic restaurants every night, but will have a hard time sticking to healthy options. It is only a few weeks though, and then I am home and work slows down. So I think I will manage.

Oh – in other job-related news: a bunch of people I know left the company I work for to join a competitor. They are now all being sued.