Words and Phrases

"Dare's ONE!" - said EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we pass a basketball goal in the car or on foot.

"It too muddy" - said last night when I gave the boys a chocolate covered marshmallow ghost.

"Pancake" - what Roark asks for every night before bed. Every night. Seriously.

"No Yike It" - pretty much what either of them say most of time we try to feed them anything nutritious.

"Sneaky" - could mean sneaky, but usually means stinky (as in "Sneaky trash")

"Hold you" - what they mean is "hold me" but it is much cuter this way.

"My turn" - it is usually NEVER their turn when either of them says this - they just want it to be their turn and hope that by saying, it will come true. Also cute...yet oh so annoying.