Big Face

I would put a picture of my new haircut here, but the swollen eyes seem to take away from it. Quite a bit. Let's just look back at the last time this happened and reflect a bit, shall we? They don't look quite that bad today, but they don't look great either. Saturday morning was HORRIBLE, and they have improved a little bit each day since then...which is nice. But still - the face, it is not pretty. I have YET ANOTHER DOCTOR'S appointment today at 3:30 to find out what in the hell is going on NOW with my broken self. I wonder at what point they just quit trying to fix it and let it fall apart...there has to be a point of diminishing returns, and I MUST be getting close.

Oh yes! Back to the haircut. I, like many girls, woke up Friday and wanted something new and different done with the mop on my head referred to as "hair". I opted for really short. And, I loved it. And, my husband...well...not so sure about him. The conversation (and my translation) follows:

Him: It’s definitely different.

Translation: Do you KNOW how short it is? Was that INTENTIONAL?

Him: It will take some getting used to.

Translation: Wow. It’s short.

Him: I think I am starting to like it.

Translation: It doesn’t make me nauseas anymore.