Roark is spotted. As in little red dots all over his entire body. They look better today than they have. He woke up with these a few days ago and we attributed them at first to a possible penicillin allergy, then to Roseola or possibly an allergy to the 50 million raspberries he ate. No I didn’t call the doctor, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Yes, we are always THIS clueless. Don’t look at me that way. We do too make good parents.

OK. So we suck at parenting. What of it?

Saturday we went to the toy store and bought the boys bouncy balls, and also a set of three trucks (garbage truck, tow truck, and some sort of tool / service truck) that we thought they would love. And they did. And it proved we are idiots – in case there was any question about this so far. Three trucks. Two kids. And – only ONE garbage truck. You do the math. I can only say that if you live in L.A. or even Baltimore for instance, and heard a distant, yet disturbingly angry voice saying, “|For the love of GOD…SHARE WITH YOUR BROTHER”, it was me. And I am sorry for the interruption. I am guessing from Texas where we are, it was easily heard on either coast at some point during the day Saturday.

So Sunday brought with it another trip to the toy store. We came home with a HUGE garbage truck, some matchbox cars, and a playmate. Two kids. One big truck. See? Idiots. That we are. Would you believe me if I told you that they fought over the truck? Ummm, yeah. Of COURSE they did. Guess what we have planned for this evening? We are going to buy them another big truck. Just one. And so far we plan to buy one completely different from the others we have at home.

How do we even have children?

Why hasn’t someone taken them away from us yet?