My Sore Arm

I am working this week (well, except for yesterday which was taken to celebrate Toddler Pukefest – 2006) and I have to tell you that I feel cheated in some way. The parking garage here at work is almost completely empty, with everyone taking vacation this week. I chose not to take vacation, however that is NOT the point. The point is (oh, shut up – I am getting to it) that it feels wrong to work when nobody else is. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And more of the wrong.

I sit here, trying to accomplish great things – like year end employee reviews, left over training for our new time reporting system, filter through the 4336 emails that I have not yet gotten to (I am totally NOT making up that number) and other miscellaneous stuff. I am not doing a very good job of any of it. Next year maybe I will take the holidays off too.


Here is my challenge for you staying at home lumps of uselessness today: Carry around – in your left arm - a 25 pound weight (in the form of a sick, clingy, dead-weight toddler) all day long. This weight will accompany you EVERYWHERE YOU GO. You will not be permitted to put it down every – or you will be subjected to horribly pathetic (and loud) screams of discontent. Take this weight to bed with you as well, enduring hours of kicking, patting, pulling and general annoyance. And then, just like me today, walk around wondering why your freaking arm hurts so much.