My 18 Month Old Boys

The boys went to the doctor the other day for their 18 month checkups…and they are still HUGE. Roark is around the 75-80% for height, while Cole is in the 90-95% (1 ½ in difference). Weight is the same with Cole at 34 pounds and Roark at 33. They walk, run, jump. They play together, make car noises (VAROOOM), laugh at the most mundane things, love to be chased, and they actually do talk a little. Roark says poopoo, diaper (byeber), ice, doggy (goggy), ROAR (when asked what a bear says), woof (hoof), fatty, die, no, yeah, dada, mama, quack (kack), and says a few other things we cannot figure out. Cole is a little less interested in the whole talking thing – he says no (nyah), die, doggy (doddy), dada, mama, ice, meow (mow), quack (kack), poo, and a few others. They are great at repeating (god help us) but don’t tend to walk around talking for no good reason. They try to use a spoon. They drink from a cup. They do still use pacifiers but we are starting to only let them have them at night. They still take two naps a day (although as I write this Roark is protesting nap number two by screaming from his bed). They love to play at the park and think the slide is the bomb. They color with sidewalk chalk and crayons, although eating the tools seems to be the preference. Overall, they are doing great… it is amazing what little boys they have become.