My Journal

When I think about this journal and try to figure out what its purpose is I tend to get a little confused. However I started thinking about it this way: If this journal were written by my mother as a gift to me…what would I want it to say? If I am leaving this as a legacy or as a reminder of my life, what is important to complete? Interesting no? I of course didn’t come up with any answers, but the thoughts were good. And I think I like what is here and feel that it serves its purpose for me. It is about my life – my hopes and dreams...and failures. It is for my family – who all have the link and sometimes even read – so that they know what is in my heart. It is a record of my life and the things that are important to me. I like that. It feels right.

I have been reading Tuesday’s with Morrie to the boys (when I read which is every-other-night). It has made me think about my life quite a bit. I wonder if I were to cease living today how successful would I rate my life, my relationships? I am sure that I wouldn’t stack up to the Morrie’s of the world. Would you?