So Roark came home yesterday – and we are loving every minute of having him here. We are also struggling with one of our dogs because of the new arrival. He is so freaking interested in the baby that we are always battling with him to back the fuck off so we can spare Roark’s head one more lick-fest. Seriously – this dog is obsessed with the baby. We don’t know if Zieggy thinks that Roark is a toy, if he is being protective, or if he thinks he is a bunny and wants to eat him. We are not going to find out either. We keep pushing him away when he tries to lick the baby and tell him NO, but it appears to fall on deaf ears.

Our other dog is fine with everything – curious, but not obsessed. I don’t know why Zieggy is such a nut about it. Do you think the dingo wants to eat my baby?