Tuesday night was THE CIRCUMCISION. This was a horrible event for us and didn’t go at all as planned. I had asked for Roark to have anesthesia of some sort during the procedure – I asked the doctor months ago. I asked the nurses caring for him. We even talked about it 45 minutes before my OB/GYN arrived to do the deed. I was ASSURED that anesthesia would be used. Ask me if it was. Go ahead. Ask.

That is right – they did it without using anything to alleviate the pain – the fuckers. Once they finished – as Roark was screaming so loud he could hardly breathe, I asked what type of anesthetic was used. The nurse gave me a blank stare. The doctor didn’t look up. The nurse finally said, very very quietly – “none”. Ummm, what?????? I went off on them all. I was crying. My youngest daughter was crying. My older daughter was just watching in shock. In the end the doctor claimed he called in the order and thought it would be done prior to his arrival. The nurses claimed there was no order. Finger pointing ensued. What a fucking ridiculous mess – one which caused my son to suffer. I am still angry as I write this. And for all of you out there that are about to say that either 1) he won’t remember it or 2) they do that a lot without anesthesia, SHUT UP. I asked for something to be done – it wasn’t – my son suffered. I have filed a formal grievance with the hospital and they have brought in a mediator to find out exactly where this all went wrong…my request.

Meanwhile Cole is still there and has not yet been circumcised. He won’t be either. At least not there. We removed their right to do the circumcision and will instead be contacting a pediatric urologist to do the procedure after he comes home. He will have a block which will block all feeling below his waist. It will go EXACTLY as I expect, or I swear to God and Allah and Satan himself that I will KILL anyone that doesn’t follow my wishes this time around.