There is no place like home

Both of the boys are HOME!

Cole finally joined us Saturday morning at home, and wow – it has been non-stop ever since. We are always feeding, changing, soothing or staring at them. And what is it like to have two babies? Well, Saturday night was pretty difficult because Cole wouldn’t sleep and therefore we couldn’t sleep. Who knew sleep played such an important part in our lives?

Observations about the past weekend with TWO babies:

  1. Cole is a very noisy baby – and I mean VERY NOISY. He is constantly grunting and spitting and moving
  2. Roark is a very calm baby. He is a quiet sleeper and needs to be woken up to eat – which by the way pisses him off.
  3. Cole inhales his bottle, and then promptly spits it back up – sometimes with a little power-puke.
  4. Roark savors his food – taking a freaking hour to eat. He must think he is an only child and we have nothing but time to dedicate to him.
  5. My husband is the best father I have ever seen.
  6. My girls love the babies in their own way – and are a great help.
  7. Two babies are more than twice as hard as one baby.
  8. Thank GOD we have time off of work to get used to this insane schedule.
  9. I suddenly feel as if two hours of uninterrupted sleep is a gift to be cherished.
  10. Babies smell really good right after a bath. Most other times they are stinky, but cute.
  11. I love this whole baby thing!