Time Does NOT = Quality

I am anxious to start maternity leave. It is not so much that I am lazy, I just can’t stand my job right now and I would love to “stick it to the man” – so I am pushing for short term disability next doctor’s visit. Because I have worked for this company for such a long time, I will get 26 weeks of disability at 100% of my pay – which…well, SIGN ME UP FOR THAT! That means that if I go to 37 weeks of pregnancy (which is my goal), I will deliver July 19th. I will then need 10 weeks off before returning to work, which means I have 16 weeks prior to July 19th available for disability… so I can go on leave as early as March 29th. Guess what I am doing March 30th? NOTHING. Exactly NOTHING.

How bad am I? Well, I will tell you what. I deserve this time off. Just yesterday my “big boss” told me that anyone not in the office a minimum of 10 hours a day (including weekends – although you can work from home then) is NOT doing their job. WTF? Since when did full time mean 70 hours a week? My body just can’t take it at this point. I am not able to build two babies and put in 70 hours a week…he has lost his freaking mind. Seriously. What is he thinking? And – he is Old School, meaning that he doesn’t care what his little cronies are doing for 10 hours a day, as long as they are visible and in the office. Most of his direct reports are in a lot of meetings but I don’t see anything significant produced by them. There are many of us who are not in here 50-70 hours a week and are much more successful in our jobs. Time does NOT equal quality. Moron.