Star Performer

I have a gold star.

I went to the baby doctor yesterday to follow up on my surgery from a week ago. I heard two very wonderful heartbeats which sounded a little like trains going up a hill. I was told the heart rates were at 140 and 150. Good? No idea. If my heart were beating that fast, I would be worried. I was also told that I am doing fantastic. Better than my doctor ever expected and am not going to have to be seen again for a month. I have gone from SUPER HIGH RISK PREGNANT WITH TWINS WOMAN to regular old pregnant women. It feels good.

I go back in 4 weeks for another appointment and then a week after that for a sonogram. We should be able to see the gender of the babies then. I am excited for that. My girls will be on spring break, and their dad and step-mom will be out of town so they will actually HAVE to be with me that whole week – so maybe they will want to go and see the babies too. I know my oldest daughter will want to go – but who knows about the younger grumpy one.
So – there is not much to tell in pregnancy related news and I guess there won’t be for a while. Which is nice. But – I do wish I could go more often just to hear the heartbeats…