Getting There

I was in the most excellent mood yesterday and I wish I knew the secret recipe…because it felt so fantastic. Today I am a bit tired, but not too bad overall. I think I am finally out of the first trimester blahs. I can look at food without feeling yucky and I can make it all day without a nap (never mind that I now need 10 hours of sleep a night). I am not having cramps, or headaches, or morning sickness. My back doesn’t ache as much. I don’t have to pee every 15 seconds… It is like I am almost normal. Wow – who knew that normal was “just around the corner” ?

So pregnancy is not all that bad this week. I am getting bigger which cracks me up. I look at my stomach and laugh at the little ball in the middle of it. I actually am amused that none of my normal clothes fit. I think the maternity clothes are funny, but new and a little exciting – sick, I know. We just bought some more recently so now I actually have many things to choose from, which makes going to work much easier.

I have also started thinking and dreaming about the babies a lot. Some of the dreams are pretty odd – ones where I am a bad mother, leaving them places, or dropping them. Others are just normal life with two babies – I like those dreams the best. I am excited to meet them – to have them at home with us…not inside me like little aliens. That will be nice.

Only 23 more weeks to go!