Please Make the Days Longer

I have been traveling for a few days (for work) and am finally home. I love home. I am NOT a fan of traveling anymore… I feel HUGE and tired and grumpy all the time. I am hungry at odd times and have no way to eat when on the road. People throw donuts on a table and call it breakfast, they skip lunch and eat dinner at 8pm. Sorry folks, but that doesn’t work for pregnant people. That shit just won’t fly. I need REAL food and LOTS of it. If I don’t have food, I throw up. Sounds silly – but it is true. I get dizzy and the day goes to crap very quickly if all I eat in the morning is sweets.

I honestly did nothing fun over the past few days. I went to Louisville, KY and froze my butt off. I then went to El Paso and witnessed a hail storm. That is the excitement I was faced with… Yep. Whee.

Now that I am back I have a mountain of work to do, hundreds of emails to read and respond to, back to back meetings for two days, and no time to do anything. Lovely.