Thinking Wishing Hoping Looking

Thinking about…

…how the summer is over and kids are starting back to school this week

…how quickly the boys are growing and changing into funny (and sometimes annoying) little people

…all of the household tasks I have to do and wondering when I will find the time. Oh laundry – why will you not wash yourself?

Wishing that…

…I had refused to let the girls go to their dad’s house yesterday. It wasn’t a day they were supposed to be with him and he has screwed me out of a lot of time this summer. I simply gave in because I didn’t want to fight with him.

…he would die in a car crash and I wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore. What? I would pretend I felt bad for my daughters.

…I could take 4 weeks off of work with pay just to do things for ME.

Hoping that…

…my job gets easier. I am buried at work and NEED for it to let up a bit

Looking forward to…

…jury duty tomorrow so that I can catch a break!