Big Giant Mommy-Baby

Where do you working moms find time to do the simple things, like clean out the old too-small clothes from closets and drawers, wash sheets, wipe down cribs, shop for new clothes, bleach socks, buy sippy cups? Where do you find freaking time to be a mom? I have looked and there is no time left. None. On the weekdays I am lucky the boys eat dinner and get to bed at all…forget the other stuff. On the weekends we attempt laundry and semi-house cleaning, but ohmygod the dog hair and messes that need delt with. I don’t know when I last cleaned the bath tub. I really don’t. I am not lying. I have NO idea. I just keep sticking the boys in there and taking them out – hoping the soap on their bodies will clean the toys and tub. I would throw their clothes in there too – but I am afraid they are peeing in the water and so I am just not comfortable with that yet.

I think of up-coming potty training and I quietly weep. When will I have time for that disaster? When???? I can barely get them cleaned up and to bed at a decent time – adding more tasks to the routine is going to kill us all.

Am I just being a big, giant mommy-baby here?