I am a tired bag lady. I close my eyes..the stress of the morning stinging them– making my head pound. I wonder how I can keep up this pace – handling crisis after crisis – never quite resolving anything – just getting everyone past the critical stage so that nobody gets killed or fired.

I am an overworked social worker. This job is draining. I arrive in a fairly good mood – but quickly deteriorate. Phone calls, instant messages, emails – all proclaiming problems of doom – it is what I deal with all day long. How can I possibly be excited about this job? How can I manage to get through the day sane with this kind of a mess to deal with for 10 hours straight day after day? I just don’t have all the answers…

I am a third grade play-yard attendant. There are times when I don’t even know where to begin or how to fix something. People are constantly avoiding work, messing up their work, or simply don’t know how to do their work in the first place. They need constant assistance, reassurance, point of escalation. I just cannot escape the management piece of this job. 90% of my time is spent breaking up fights and documenting what went wrong so we don’t do it again.

I am a circus freak. I play ‘work’ all day long and fool everyone into thinking I am some high powered executive, when really I just feel like a little kid dressing up in her daddy’s clothes, clutching a brief case and pretending to go to the office for the day.