Slow down!

Lets just assume that every entry I write begins with “I am so busy” and then I won’t have to type it anymore. Mmmmkay? Good. Moving on…

Roark waved and said bye-bye today. My heart melted. I now have a giant puddle of goo where it used to be.

Both of the boys are walking now. Cole prefers it to crawling… Roark is not so sure. He still crawls most of the time but will occasionally walk and then look around for us to clap and yell “yeahhhhhh!!” He loves the attention, but I am not so sure he loves the walking. I love the walking – seeing them toddle around like drunks cracks me up. I like how they are starting to act and look like little boys instead of babies. Progress is good.

As far ask talking goes, neither one says much. We have caught them repeating a few things, but most of the time they just jabber. They love to climb – ANYTHING. And as a result we have had to move much of the furniture out of the living room There was a rocking chair that they kept climbing on – gone. Then there was the ottoman, which they would push around the room until it was next to something big and tall – which they would use to climb higher – gone. Then there were various toys that they would climb on – gone, gone, and gone. Little monsters…

I am sure this is only because I am their mom - but WOW they are cute. Every little manerism and gesture grabs me by the heart and makes me want to stop their growth and advancement and freeze everything right now. The changes are coming so fast that I can't keep track and I can't slow down anything long enough to really enjoy it. Do you ever feel that way?