When I Grow Up

Did you ever think about what you would be “when you grow up” if you could do it again, pick again – now? I know when I was little I wanted so badly to be a doctor. However high school chemistry taught me a lesson or two and I decided that I would seek other career options. Somehow along the way I ended up being a business executive of sorts. I have not really had schooling to put me here – and I am not entirely sure I like it…but it is where I ended up through what felt like a natural progression over the years.

If money didn’t matter (yeah) and I could choose again – I might consider:
Detective / FBI – my daughter has been looking into this and WOW does it sound exciting…the CIA too.
Foreign Relations Person – work in an embassy in Russia or Japan
Travel writer – I would love to travel. And – well, write I suppose. But mostly travel.
Hot Air Ballooner – Is ballooner even a word? Wouldn’t that be fun? Heh – never been myself, but it sounds fun.
Tour Guide – not sure where, but somewhere / someplace fun.