This has been a bit of a horrible weekend.

Roark has decided that screaming bloody freaking murder at the drop of a hat is fun. He gets so worked up that he yells and cries and almost hyperventilates and no amount of soothing, holding, feeding, talking, leaving-alone will help him.

Last night was the kicker – I seriously wanted to throw him out the window. He just cried and cried and cried and would not stop. It is sad when he is like this – but there is nothing I can do. I finally just put him down and let him cry himself senseless while I fed his brother. He eventually passed out – thank GOD. He of course woke up several more times doing this. He was dry, fed, and not visibly injured. I tried holding him, rocking him, putting him in his swing, walking around with him, playing music, turning lights on, then off, TV, no TV, singing (that would make anyone cry) …so crying seemed my only option. And cry he did…the little fucker.

So we now have Reflux Baby and Screams His Bloody Head Off Baby. Nice. Somebody freaking save me.