The Un-motivator

So I have this new job, and it is really hard sometimes, and at other times – not so much. The problem is staying motivated during the –not so much – times. When I am not buried up to my eyeballs in work, I get sucked into non-productive activities such as watching Mad About You reruns, or throwing the ball for the dog. Yep, it is really that bad.

I should be planning, I should be trying to figure out what the next ‘big disaster’ is going to be and try to prevent it, I should be smart, proactive, wicked-efficient…but I am not. I am always one step behind where I should be because I don’t use the down-time to plan ahead. How bad is that? And how bad is it that I am sitting here writing a journal entry (which we can plainly see I don’t do often) instead of once again planning for the next big problem? But – in my defense, sitting here in the quiet office, listening to David Gray is just NOT MOTIVATING me to do squat. It is one of those hum-to-yourself and daydream-the-day-away kind of days…know what I mean? Maybe tomorrow I will be productive.


I have several journals that I read regularly. I suppose we all do. And I will tell you – when those folks don’t update, I am miffed.

Why oh why don’t you update?

Don’t they know that I check your darn entries EVERY day – just waiting for some morsel of humor or inspiration?

Yeah – well, I hope nobody actually waits for me to update. I have yet to complete a dozen of these entries. I spend TONS of time reading – very little time writing. But you know, I am not much of a writer. Yes, I know that is obvious once you read any of these entries – shutup.

I AM going to be productive today – I swear. That is unless Dave Barry has posted something new…