A Wonderful World

This past weekend we had a friend come stay with us while his wife was out of town visiting family. We have all been great friends for quite some time - and just never get to spend enough time together. Anyway, we were all sitting around looking through pictures that we have accumulated over the past year and our friend came across a picture of his wife (from our rehearsal dinner last summer). He sat there looking at that picture for what seemed like forever - he simply disappeared into the picture, sort of floated away for a bit. Then – he looked up and said “I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but isn’t she the prettiest thing you have ever seen”.

And - this is not all. Later that evening the three of us were at a Japanese Steakhouse - and we were talking about politics, religion, babies, dreams - all of the things you only discuss with people you are very close to. We started talking about our thoughts on afterlife -

Is there an afterlife?

If not, what happens to us?

If not, why are people good anyway?

If so, what is it like?

Who gets to go?

and on and on.

And suddenly he stopped talking - and announced that "if we don't exist in some fashion after we die - if this is all there is - if I won't be able to see my wife FOREVER ... then goddamn - that really really sucks"

Now I know that may sound trivial and silly to you, but I have thought of very little since he said these things. They have been married 6 years, have worked together and now travel together and are together 24 hours a day… and he is still that nuts about her. Everyone should be that in love...EVERYONE.