The Weekend List - Outcome

OK - so here how motivated I was last weekend. See previous entry's list and comments below - it is not a pretty picture.

20. Extend the typical two, always too short weekend to oh – nine days (not gonna happen, but a girl can dream, right?)
* Yeah - this didn't happen. Stupid work.

19. Finish the landscaping in the back yard so that I no longer have to bathe the dogs every time they go out and play in the mud pit (okay – so I don’t EVER give them a bath, but would you try to fit a 100 and a 70 pound dog into a tiny little square in the bathroom – yeah, I didn’t think so)
* OOOOH OOOOH - I did this! I did! We moved 9000 - read that again - 9000 pounds of rock into our back yard. 180 bags of 50 pound rock. Home Depot loves us. Our backs and arms hate us. It was so freaking much work!

18. Do laundry for once – and actually fold it AND put it away all in the same weekend.
*Didn't do this. Most of our whites are now dirty - we are down to the undies we hate...

17. Clean the bathroom I have been telling myself I would clean – it is so gross.
* So, I was too lazy to do laundry, do you honestly think that cleaning the bathroom even crossed my mind?

16. Drink way too much. I love doing this, and it never takes too much convincing.
* Now, I made a good dent in this. We went out Saturday night with some friends, and I took it upon myself to try every kind of Martini I could think of. Yum, yum, yum. Followed by a bad hangover - very much worth it.

15. Drink less than normal – which directly conflicts with #16, so screw that idea…drink way too much.
* Nope - not me.

14. Take pictures.

* Do you ever promise yourself to take more pictures and then never do it? Yeah, me too.
I took 1 picture all weekend...not so good on this one.

13. Go jogging, for real this time.
* Didn't go jogging.

12. Cook a great dinner Saturday night, and try not to eat too much of it.
* As you read above, we went out to dinner Saturday, so I didn't do that either...oops.

11. No fast food ALL weekend (this is the hard one)
* Now this one I stuck to. Unless you count the sausage rolls from the donut place...hmmmmm

10. Work on 30, 60, 90 day goals for new job (due 4 hours ago).
* Didn't even think about it.

9. Read documentation for above mentioned job – also overdue
* Yeah - you really think this got done?

8. Go to kickboxing, flex, and yoga at least once.
* I did kickboxing and flex...didn't get around to yoga until Monday...

7. Do eyebrows – so long overdue. I currently look like a animal has nested up there…scary.
* Nope. Still scary like a monster.

6. Read more and watch TV less – which should be easy since there is nuttin but garbage on….the key is not to get sucked into the garbage… I am a reality TV addict…and they are everywhere!
* I did do this...I am reading much more these days.

5. Pick up clothing from cleaners (oooh – if I do this on my way home from work, I will have accomplished something this weekend!)
* Finally did this on Tuesday...a bit behind.

4. Clean closet (like I am really even going to consider this one)
* Nope, nope, nope.

3. Get up early – see above
* Are you kidding me?

2. Write letters to friends I have been avoiding since, like Christmas
* Puhlease

1. Relax
* Way too much of this was going on and not nearly enough productive activities!