No Sleep for the Stupid

Cole fell asleep at 6:45pm in the car.  After letting him sleep on the sofa for a while, I carried him up to bed, changed him into pajamas and declared it a night.  Roark headed to bed around 7:30, and all was quiet by 8:00pm.  This was a very good thing, because I had a lot of work stuff stacking up. 

I spent about 4 hours finishing up on work tasks, feeling very proud of myself when I was finished.  I turned off the light, rolled over, and that is when Cole started in.

"Daddy!"   "Daddy!!"  "God damnit you effing SOB, get your ass in here right now!" (ok, so I paraphrase a little, but the TONE WAS THE SAME).

I head in.  First he wanted his blankets (laying right beside his bed at the time).  Second trip in he didn't remember what he needed.  Then he couldn't find his flashlight.  Then he wanted a drink.  Then his flashlight batteries had burned out.  Then he wanted to tell me that "I slept and slept and slept and slept, and now I am ready to get up" to which I answered with "GO TO SLEEP YOU CREATON" (paraphrasing yet again).  Then I don't even know what he wanted because I was so freaking tired I wanted to throw him out the window.  I think he finally shut up around 1:30.  Maybe 2. 

What have I learned from this experience?  NEVER EVER EVER let Cole fall asleep early.  NEVER.