My Proudest Moment A.K.A. Doctor's Suck

Back when Brittany started seeing a psychiatrist to help with all of the stuff she was going through, medication was recommended.  We took the prescriptions given to us to the pharmacy, had it filled, and she started taking the drugs.  And then she got really sick.  We went back to the doctor where they informed us that the prescription was written at the maintenance dose, but that she should start at a much lower dose and work up to it.  Good thing to know BEFORE YOU START THE MEDS, no?  I was understandably angry at the mix-up.  They were apologetic.  We got it sorted out and things were ok. 

Now, 4 1/2 months later, we went back to the practice and saw a different doctor for a routine follow up.  She has since stopped taking all medication and is doing well.  The doctor, while noticeably annoyed at this, seemed to accept it for what it was.  He told her that if she felt like she needed to start taking medication again to cope with things, to start at the original dosage and work her way up.  She of course wanted to clarify what dose he wanted her to start at.  He pulled the records, looked at the prescription (which he stated was "too high to start at") and then looked over the other doctor's notes.  He told her that the amount the doctor had in his notes is where she should start - and added that we should have followed those notes instead of the prescription in the first place.

That is when the fight started.

I am not exactly proud of my behavior, however in my defense, the man was an asshole.  They made a mistake last October.  They admitted it.  They apologized.  They fixed it.  Now, this guy was claiming it was our fault all along and was getting defensive…and well, I wouldn't have any part of it.  I have really had enough of idiot doctors acting superior and untouchable.

It ended in him storming out of the office through one door.  Me storming out through the other door, followed by Todd.  And Brittany sitting in the room waiting for the nurse to give her the bill/discharge papers.