Nothing New

Quad Status = healing
Running Status = not considering
Soccer Status = not allowed to even attempt to play until after 3/23

I missed a 10k that we signed up for last weekend, due to the whole sore leg thing.  I am no longer using the crutches or the ridiculous ginormous splint.  I am now just wearing a neoprene sleeve thingy, which helps a lot.  I am annoyed that it still hurts, and is still bruised, but it is a lot better…not swollen at all. 

Cassie comes home this weekend for Spring Break, which is AWESOME for me, most likely disappointing for her.  She had wanted to go somewhere fun with her friends, but most of them backed out.  So, home it is.  The week of the 15th we then go to Montego Bay with Brittany and the boys.  Cassie will be headed back to school, and I can only imagine will be really annoyed with us. 

Work is normal.  Spent some time out of town last week, some good meetings, some pointless mind-numbingly-boring meetings.  Not much else to say about that - and also, my boss reads this…so WORK IS GREAT!