The State of Things

I am staying busy...a lot of work during the day, playing with the boys in the evening, falling asleep way too early at night. The girls have been at their dad's, but come back later today, which means I will see them...well, never. They are teenagers.

This weekend promises to be boring. And hoo boy! I can use some boring. We may do laundry. We might not. We may go to the pool. We might not. We may pack some things. And then, we might not. We have NO plans, which is so fantastic I could hug myself. There might be more donuts than one should consume in a day. There might not. There might be naps. There will DEFINATELY be naps. There might be jogging. There might not. There might be frantic fall-soccer-sign-up activities. There might not. See? It is all up in the air. Isn't that nice?

Cassie heads off to college in 4 weeks. And Brittany gets her drivers license in 3 days. I am more worried about Brittany being on the roads than Cassie free in Michigan.

There is probably some business travel in my future...to Charlotte. No offense intended to anyone that lives there, but I tend to feel that it is the armpit of the world, with very few (if any) redeaming qualities. As you can see, I am REALLY excited about this new venture.

That is really all I've got. Oh - I have had coffee 3 days in a row now after having been off the juice for quite some time. Wow!!! I have missed the caffeine. So this is how normal adults make it through the day!