Our Life

We are getting our house re-carpeted.

We are packing.

We are taking days to watch a single movie.

We are trying to eat healthy.

We are sneaking out at night to eat ice cream.

We are taking exercise classes together.

We are spending time with family.

We are working from home, together a lot.

We are talking all throughout the day.

We are spending the weekends together with the boys.

We are texting each other.

We are planning weekly menus and grocery lists.

We are deciding what to have for dinner.

We are looking at houses in Austin.

We are trying to decide on storage options.

We are paying bills together.

We are reading to the boys at night.

We are spending more money on boxes than food.

We are talking about running.

We are thinking about our next vacation.

We are discussing signing the boys up for swimming lessons.

We are approaching time to take Cassie to college.

We are listening for the girls to come home at night.

We are walking the dog.

We are quitting work as early as possible so that we can spend time together.

We are trying very hard to remain physically fit, and attractive to each other.

We are taking pictures, and then making fun of them.

We are living in a sea of boxes.

We are trying to find a way to make the work part of moving fun.

We are more in love than I think we have ever been.