5 Year Olds

The boys turned 5 last week...two weeks ago...I don't even remember anymore. Let's just say a while ago. And those first two sentences are exactly what is wrong with me these days. I am ridiculously busy and losing my damn mind.

I have a new job, which I love. I am learning a lot of new things, and applying a lot of things I already know quite easily. I am traveling and commuting and telecommuting. I am single-parenting and sharing the travel times. I am dual parenting and trying to find time with my family. I am struggling with the boys and trying to find free moments to spend with the girls.

I am reaching out to old friends and working on making new ones.

I am working out and eating well. I am also drinking more than I should, but loving it in a sad, needful way.

I love this time in my life, and yet...and yet...it is kicking my ass.