It has been a whirlwind few weeks. Work is at a critical stage (When isn't it? Huh? TELL ME!) and has been consuming a lot my time. The boys head to preschool tomorrow and Britt starts senior year.

Cassie goes back to Michigan State next week. Let's look deeper into that one, shall we? Last year - worried about her safety. Planned for weeks. Bought half of Texas to accompany her to school. Drove her there (20 hours each way) and cried all the way home. This year - not worried. Not even driving her. She is mailing her stuff to herself and we are putting her on a plane. End of story. Where is the love, right?

I have a new job - which I have been bragging about for a few days. I am anxious and excited, and cannot wait to finish things up here and move on. I will let the terror set in later.