The Letter R

Life is moving along pretty much at a normal pace here. It is summer. In Texas. It is hot - and I love it. I have been working out, running, walking, doing The Shred and yoga. I have been working. The girls are home. The boys are running around non-stop. Life is good. Boring, but good.

Todd and I are going out of town for our anniversary next weekend (just the two of us), which will be fun. It would have been nice to spend more than a weekend away, but this is a bad time of year for that. See also Money, and Doesn't Grow on Trees.

Also up? A girlfriend asked me to go with her to a "thing", so this Friday we are headed to a little party a friend of hers is having at a local dance studio where they teach - pole dancing. Who would have thought. No, I don't harbor any deep desire to be a stripper, I just thought it would be hilarious and fun. Shut up. And no, there will not be pictures.

We found a preschool for the boys. They will start in the fall. We are just waiting for registration to open. Originally we discussed 2 days a week, however I am thinking 3 days is a better way to go - M, W, F. It is kind of expensive, but will be good for them. I think they are a bit much for Todd's mom these days, and need some structure and more to do. Plus - it would be nice if Roark quit insisting that all of the numbers are the letter R.