So Glad I Grew Up

Isn't it a strange feeling when your present and past collide? I think Facebook is an experiment in continued self-embarrassment. Apparently there wasn't enough of it in high school, so I now find it necessary to relive those awkward days again and again. Why is there such a strong pull toward those people of the past? If those friendships were so important, why didn't we stay friends? So very, very strange...

And the really strange thing is that I cannot remember many of the people I was so close to. Sure, I remember a first name here and there (Hi Jody, Laura, You - that kid who's locker was next to mine and kept shutting it just to piss me off!) but really - that was so long ago, and high school was such a short period of time in my life that it really doesn't occupy many of my memories. Sorry High School - you just don't really rank anymore. This - is a good thing I think. I was pretty quiet...very very geeky...torn between being a good girl and wanting to have fun. I guess I was like most of the other kids around me, but wow, I was self-absorbed. And scared. And also, homely.

Thinking about my friends then though...well, it makes me smile. We had some fun.