Oh the fun I have had today with the police. Two run-ins. 2. And it is only 4pm on a Monday. What does this say about the week ahead?


I am driving home from the book store with Brittany this afternoon. I have just gotten into an argument of sorts with Cassie around her not wanting to come home for Thanksgiving and me wanting to KILL HER because she needs to come home and see her sister. My mind is not on driving. My mind is on trying to think rationally through the situation and figure out how to best handle it without coming across as the supreme bitch that I normally am.

I looked into the mirror and saw a policeman behind me. Shit. I just went through this a few months ago – and do NOT need another ticket. I pulled over and went through the whole “do you know how fast you were going” “no” “why are you in a hurry” “I am not in a hurry…I was just arguing with my daughter about why she doesn’t want to come home from college for Thanksgiving and my mind wasn’t on driving and I am so sorry…oh my god TEENAGERS!”

And do you know what? For the first time in the history of…well, ever, I didn’t get a ticket. The officer told me that he has a son in the military and he just went through the same thing with him…and I started crying at the injustice of it all and he handed back my license and RAN AWAY FROM THE CRAZY LADY. It was awesome. And I didn't have to offer up sexual favors or anything. I did have to promise to drive more carefully though.


“Hello ma’am. This is XYZ Police department following up on an incident from last week. I understand one of our officers was out at your home regarding a custody issue with your daughter Brittany. It appears that your ex husband has inquired about filing criminal charges and we needed to follow up with you and let you know the status and find out what has happened…”

I proceeded to tell the officer/sergeant/whatever he was the situation. I also sent him the restraining order, affidavit, and modification documents. I was also kind enough to share with him my ex husbands cell and work numbers. I am so accommodating. I told him what had happened and the guy actually agreed with everything I have done, stating he would have done the same thing. He also thought that Brittany’s dad was not doing anything to help mend the relationship with her. Kudos to that guy.

We ended the call with him apologizing profusely for having to call at all and wishing us the best of luck.