Who's Your Daddy?

Due to previously mentioned reasons, father’s day was all but forgotten at our house. This doesn’t mean it goes without mentioning. Todd is by far the most amazing, attentive, happy father I have met. And I have had a good chance to meet a few in my days on this earth (40 this year). I feel compelled to tell you why he deserves father of the year, so if you are here to argue with me….move along and lets part friends.

-And now why Todd is the best dad in the world:

-He gets up every morning and makes them breakfast….while I hole up in bed.

-He takes care of the boys at night when I just didn’t have the energy *It has been a long hard year in terms of my health.

-He LOVES nothing more than hanging out with them watching a ball game or running around the park “One more time”

-He has endless patience for Dorah who is equal to Satan for me, yet he seems to revel in it.

-He still has the desire for sex with his old 40 year old wife (does any guy ever lose this desire, because man…that would be sad.

-His mom lives with us – and he likes it.

-He is a better dad to my girls than there own.

-He raves about their cuteness, their fun nature, and their naughtiness with the same sly smile

-Baby…you are the world to me and our children…..I love you with all of my heart.