My Boys are Growing

The boys are changing every day. They are different now than even a week ago. “No shit?” you say? Well, it seems surprising to me…

They both are getting more verbal, however talking is really where Roark is a Viking. Cole is better at being a sneaky obstinate toddler…in the form of climbing on the table, in the toy box, on the window sill, or on the back of the sofa – only to look at you and grin – challenging you to make him get down.

Roark says:

Dun (done)

Myeeeene (mine)

Noooh (no)

All gun (all gone)

Ite-ite (night light)

Wa-wa (water)

Bash (bath)

Aaan (on)

Mukky dink (milk drink)

Oooopeeen (open)

Memo (Nemo)

Mobie (movie)

Repeats pretty much anything you say – even the bad stuff

Many animal noises and names

Gash (Cassie)

Bitney (Brittany)

Gock (rock)

Cole says:

Myeeeene (mine)

Nyu (no)



Blabder (water)

Bat (bath)

Muk (milk)

Dink (drink)

Cash (Cassie)

Bitney (Brittany)

Many animal names and noises

I think Cole can say everything Roark does, he just chooses not to talk as much. Roark loves talking – chatters all the time. Most of the time I cannot figure out what he is saying…but he still goes on and on. It is awesome to hear him start to put words together and recognize things by name. He seems to understand a lot more than he can express and this appears to drive him crazy sometimes… like he can’t find the words to explain something and it makes him mad. Cole is too easy-going to care about things like expressing himself… life is just a big ol’ party to him.

I don't guess any of this is very exciting to anyone but me - but I just don't want to forget how cute their little voices sound or the way they said words when they were little. It is such a joy to see them turning into little people...and this is the most people-like they have been yet! I love being around them. I love watching them think and talk and put things together. I love being part of their little lives.