Post Number 300

My husband and I have both started traveling a bit for work. I miss him when we are not together – especially when I am home and he is gone. It is not because it is more difficult to take care of the boys (although it is). And it is not because I have to deal with dinner every night (although I do). It is also not because the dogs drive me crazy (which they do). Or because I have to do all of the baby laundry (which I SHOULD).

I miss so many other things when he is gone like:

  • Watching CNN together in the morning and talking about the crazy world we live in
  • Continuously commenting on how cute / silly / difficult / crazy the boys are
  • Drinking a glass of wine together at dinner (drinking alone is just…wrong, but at times it makes my evening just a little bit better)
  • Going to bed and waking up together
  • Sneaking away for lunch together (and no, that is not code for sex, although I TOTALLY miss sex)
  • Jogging / working out together – inspiring each other to eat right and stay fit
  • Wandering into his office to tell him stupid jokes / interesting facts / not-so-interesting facts during the day

I miss you – hurry home safely.