High on Life

Do you think of yourself as emotional? Are you easily caught up in a book or movie or conversation – so much so that you get visibly choked up? I am not one of those people. I never used to be anyway… As time passes, I seem to become more and more emotional. I wonder why? I tend to think it is due to being less concerned about what others think and more interest in living than I used to be. I am getting a glimpse of how short life is. I am also coming to realize that life is about living it – the good, the bad, the joy, the sadness, even the overwhelming things that we all face. The only thing we have in life – is, well – living it. I don’t know what I used to think this whole life thing was about – but I was certainly in a hurry to get on to the next thing. I took great pride in never crying at the movies, or not caring much about anyone (at least not openly). I tried desperately to never get too attached to anyone, just in case they disappointed me. Now – I don’t care about the same things. I don’t care about image, or protecting myself as much. I get satisfaction from feeling whatever comes my way, from testing my emotions, from falling head over heals in love. I think this is the better way to live.