Living Cliche

It has been a good year.

No, I don't think that it is the end of the calendar year. I am not totally delusional.

I have pictures of the boys on my desk at home. These are the same pictures that Todd brought up to me in the hospital. The pictures I stared at, reciting all four kids names over and over and over, when I was as close to not being here anymore as I have ever been. I look at those pictures every day and I remember how this time last year I was headed into a ridiculously horrible state of health (with all the almost dying and stuff). And I guess it is kind of nice to be alive, to look back and see how lucky I am to still be here, how lucky I was to get at least one more year with my family and friends.

These things change you, I think. All of the difficult things we go through, I mean. They make me stronger, give me reason to be grateful to someone / something bigger than me. They make me realize just how great life is.